Argentina has long been famous for horseback riding, but as for integrating it into the holiday experience, it’s often been difficult to come by. Thankfully a South African has come to the rescue bringing equestrian touring to the Pampas of Argentina. After reading our Bu...enos Aires newsletter, David Sauermann had this story and some exciting tours to share:

I received your newsletter via my sister, Gail Alexander; who forwarded it to me as I have just moved to Buenos Aires to launch a exciting new project; Argentina Horse Adventures.

I am of course South African, left to open a similar business in Greece in 1993 and with the economic crisis there at the moment, the horse business is no longer viable.

I spent many weeks in Argentina last year researching my project and as you say in your newsletter, they are not geared for tourism , as we know it, and although famous for their horses, the accessibility to quality equestrian activities is difficult. I was determined enough to search and dig deep until I found my way; it even took becoming a member of certain organizations at a cost, but I succeeded.

I am now well integrated in the horsey circle here in Buenos Aires and would like to share my knowledge with interested visitors.

I know that South Africa is a very horsey country and I am still well known there, having been a regular competitor in Show-jumping, I owned also some racehorses and played some polo for fun; my mum and sister still live in Durban, so I have been back regularly on holiday, as recent as last year.
I have just made available the excursion itinary, where visitors can choose to do one or more of the activities on a simple blog page about it, www.buenosaireshorseadventures.com.

I am very excited about the possibility of showing other South Africans and horse lovers from  around the world this great city; so I would appreciate your serious consideration on this matter.

This sounds amazing! Next time you’re planning a trip to Argentina, and are up for an adventure, keep David in mind for a bit of home away from home and a holiday to remember

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    The Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association has sent the following letter to all Ontario MPPs and to OLG Chair Paul Godfrey.

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    Thursday, November 04, 2010


    Now here's a fella you just HAVE to meet!
    David Sauermann, a South African in Buenos Aires who is nowadays pursuing his love for horsemanship on his 3rd continent.
    I get a LOT of horse questions from people all over the world who are planning a trip to Argentina ...and although my missus and I have several horses ...I´m no horseman. Ridin' fences (slowly) is damned near all I´m capable of.
    I never knew anyone to recommend until I met David! Two minutes with him and you know that this man is not likely to give you anything tame. And I love the name of his service, Horse Adventures.
    Of course, some folks are just looking for a pony ride at a "dude" estancia ...and there's nothing wrong with that and that is widely available.
    But some people really are looking to get out and about in a reasonable facsimile of the real pampas and put some caballos criollos through their paces! Adventurous people like that are often disappointed.
    David actually started this service out of his own disappointment with what is generally on offer for horse fans. He found nothing around town and country to impress a guy who´s a qualified riding instructor and top level show-jumper. And for a guy who used to own a riding club and trail center ...it was all small beer.

    He´s also a great guy just to pal-around with. And since he's owned and bred race horses, I´m very interested in a day at the races ...or a polo match ...with him! Luckily, he offers a tour of the beautiful Buenos Aires hipodromos and the polo grounds, too.
    You won't lose him in the crowd, either. Tall, lanky, and appearing every bit the horseman ...in fact, he could pass for a Sergeant Major and has the voice to go with it. I´d really love to hear him bark a few sharp field commands ...just to see how many lanes of 9 de Julio would come to a stop! Like I said, you gotta meet the guy. David´s also been a regular at Drinking Liberally Buenos Aires almost since arriving in our fair burg.
    And here´s another question I always get...
    South Africans are great travellers so they're easy to meet all over the world. If you´ve ever met one, you might have heard about a certain delicacy they can´t find anywhere: biltong.
    David makes a wicked biltong ...and some of us loyal fans have talked him into making batches big enough for all of us! To wit, I finally have an answer for beef jerky fans in Buenos Aires! If you stop by Drinking Liberally some Monday, you can probably sample a bit, he´s a generous fellow. The stuff is dope.